With BEEM, you are connected in every sense of the word. We are a company
dedicated to harmonizing the customer experience through telematics and crafting
new technologies for the automotive industry.


Alexandre Lataille, Eng.


With 8+ years of professional experience, Alexandre Lataille possesses remarkable automotive engineering knowledge and expertise. With his background in process mapping, vehicle calibration, control, and testing, data has always been the base of all solutions and that is what he applies to the BEEM solution today.

Reinventing the way we interact within the automotive ecosystem, starting by the customer, the vehicle, the dealership and the automaker.

Kevin Ferah, Eng.


With over 15 years of racing experience in both cars and motorcycles, Kevin Ferah has developed an essential link between engineering theory and practice. Kevin is a superb communicator, and gets things done efficiently. Additionally, he brings 7 years of professional experience, expertise in sales, commercialization, and product engineering.

We do things because they feel "right", and we follow our instincts. Thus far, this has never failed us.


Fasken Martineau
Business Development Bank of Canada
FuturEntrepreneur Canada
National Research Council of Canada


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Montreal, QC H2Y 1A3


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